The Three Undersea EP

by Lou Laurence

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This album was recorded in a tree house. All songs were written and performed by Lauren Clinton in collaboration with Lou Laurence. Album art was found at the bottom of the sea. No mermaids were harmed in the making of this EP.


released July 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Lou Laurence Montreal, Québec

Singer. Songwriter. Siren.

Lou Laurence is a soul singer hailing from the bottom of the ocean and claiming Montreal as her new territory. Lou combines soul vocals with elements of folk, blues, pop, jazz and all that is glorious in music. ... more

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Track Name: Smoking in the Aquarium
It's hard to smoke and swim at the same time,
That's why we're smoking in the aquarium tonight.

And don't you worry about the fish,
They ain't livin' just like we ain't behind glass.

And maybe on Saturday, we could picnic at the zoo,
and ask all the friendly lions what the claw-less have got to do.

Oh Baby, ain't we in captivity, not by me and not by you.

And maybe if we snip away our sex drives,
we'll see a better life. We'll see another life.

And maybe tomorrow I'll know just what to do,
I'll show it to you. I'll do it for you.

Oh baby, ain't we kind of fishy in this bowl of a city.
Track Name: Sharks vs. Vending Machines
They say twice as many people die each year
from vending machines as from sharks
that's twice as many people who die, trying to get some chips, man
ain't it a shame.
But sharks, they swim just like we could if we went to the beach today
if we had a beach along our way.

So baby are you worried, cause I'm not.
Cause you ain't a shark, boy, and nor am I
and neither one of us is selling chips
we should be fine.
Did I mention I really think you're fine, baby?
Maybe stay out of traffic.
You ain't a shark boy, and nor am I,
we should be fine.
Track Name: Lovesong for Marine Evolution
An octopus don’t need to write a lovesong,
she pours her body where she should
and if I could fit myself between spaces
maybe all this skin would feel good.

An octopus knows a good billow
they make the water look like air
and if I could just control my elements
maybe I’d feel good anywhere.

You know undersea they don’t have lilacs
you know they don’t have talk just for talk
you know they don’t have the fine wine we can find up here.

You know the dolphin is quite sexually experimental
they can have fun in all kinds of non-procreative ways
and if I could use my ears to find love
maybe I could have some fun in the waves.

And they can slow their own hearts’ rhythms
when the sea is getting too deep
if I could slow my own hearts system
maybe I could syncopate with someone else’s beat

You know they’ll never know winter fires
you know they’ll never know a blanket that’s shared
you know they’ll never hear the kind of songs that dance through us.

Let’s run from the prairies
let’s make love on a ferry
let’s climb the highest tree
let’s dance undersea
let’s walk like a starfish
let’s fuckin’ talk like a crabfish
let’s be landlubbers and deep sea lovers
let’s run away
let’s love love love